(1)  Where are you planning to move to?

(2) What’s bringing you there?

       – What’s important about that particular location?

(3) What’s your ideal timeframe?

       – Why?

(4) Do you need to sell your home before you buy another one?

(5) On a scale of 1-10, 1 being a complete teardown and a 10 being a complete high-end model, what # do you give the condition of your particular home/condo/townhouse? How did you come to that conclusion?

(6) What upgrades have you made?  When were they completed?

(7) What factors are driving your pricing decisions?

(8) What do you feel your home was worth last year at this time?  2 years ago?  5 years ago?  What about now?  Why?

(9)  How much do you currently owe on your property?

(10) Do you plan to interview other agents for the job of getting your home sold?  Have you already?  Where in the process are your currently?

(11) Who have you interviewed so far?

(12) What qualities are most important to you in the agent you partner to represent yourself?   Why?

(13) Apart from the agent, what other considerations are immportant to you?

(14) Do you have any questions for me?


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