2019 – Westside Architecture and Interior Design Trends

2019 – Westside Architecture and Interior Design Trends

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Outdoor Living:

Not just the outdoors but blurring the line between indoor and outdoor space -that they flow seamlessly

  • Deck, patios, courtyards
  • Outdoor kitchens and fully furnished outdoor rooms
  • Pools and Spas

Open Floor Plan:

The open space plan is now mainstream and will continue as the new norm. Kitchens remain a focus of household activities. Formal living rooms and dining rooms are disappearing, replaced by great rooms, dens, and open-space layouts. This allows for:

  • Family connectivity and interaction, communal activity areas, and entertaining at home

-With that trend, we have created our need for:

Quiet spaces:

These are now crucial for our wellbeing. A place to escape whether it’s so make a quiet phone call or for some peace and quiet.

  • “library” room/ reading nook
  • yoga and meditation spaces
  • indoor or outdoor sanctuaries, courtyards and indoor
  • Freestanding baths and bath as relaxing space

o    Bathtubs have become a focal point, and the more sculptural the better.

Material and Colors:

  • Bold colors: Blues, Reds and Teals
  • Use of natural material is back- wood, concrete, marble and granite


Multiple Master Suites:

  • Multi-generational home
  • Friends and colleagues who share a house in order to afford real estate in a desirable area


Work from Home:

Changing and flexible work patterns and technology advancements has increased the need for:

  • Home offices
  • Creating multiple spaces throughout the home that can be used to work


Garage Conversions:

  • Accessory Dwelling Units
  • Additional living space
  • A recreation room that integrates with the outdoors


Universal Design:

Will be taken a lot more seriously as the majority of baby boomers will have turned 65 over the next ten years.

  • Accessibility features throughout the home, no level changes between rooms
  • At least one bedroom on 1st floor
  • Creating access to the home without steps
  • Curb-less showers


Sustainable Homes:

Many people are looking to the future and installing technology to create sustainable environmEmts within their homes. Sustainability has been a growing trend and it will continue at a much higher velocity as the technology is more affordable: These are the things that seem to first come up most:

  • Solar panels/ Tesla batteries
  • Passive heating and cooling
  • Sustainable landscaping and water conservation


Healthy Home and Wellbeing:

Increased focus on a healthy home environment.

  • Indoor air quality- using nontoxic materials
  • Water quality
  • Natural light



Charging stations/ home for our devices/integrated USB outlets.


Smart Homes:

  • Lighting control systems
  • Smart thermostats
  • Smart entry systems
  • Technology in the bathrooms and kitchens
  • Spas and pools controlled by your phone or iPad

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